Would This Annoy Your Up-Line?

  • April 10, 2017

Travelling around the world and speaking to so many different cultures through Network Marketing really does open your eyes  to firstly how different everyone is and also how much the same everyone is.

People often ask me how do I enrol somebody in India, or China or Canada or Australia or Brazil? etc. I say “The same way you enrol your next door neighbour. We are all human beings and work from the same psychology of trust, relationships and credibility. Somebody in a different country is not an alien species, the game of Network Marketing will have the same base success principals all over the world.

One of the funnier ones is when I am in a certain country and certain people always say “It’s so hard to build an MLM in “USA” because of all the different companies we have here.” Or “It’s so hard to build an MLM in Singapore because people are so sceptical. I wish I lived in Australia.” Or “It’s so hard to build an MLM in Australia because people are so skeptical, I wish I lived in Singapore.”

You see it’s all perception. It doesn’t matter where you live, I can show you a successful 7 figure earner in every single country. I can show you a hundred million dollar successful company in every single country.  It’s your perception, belief and attitude that is holding you back, not the people that live in your country. They are waiting for an opportunity. Network Marketing will work everywhere.

Having said that, there are cultural and business differences to be aware of when building your business internationally which we can talk about in a different post.

BUT although very few things surprise or annoy me these days, this is still one of them……….. “I never call my up-line because I don’t won’t to annoy them” AAArrrrgggggghhhhhhh. Or they say ” I don’t call my up-line because I didn’t think I was worthy.”

Boy is this an annoying and unnecessary thought process. I get this statement all over the world.

Let me ask you this question – Would your up-line be annoyed if you were ringing him/her 5 times per day because you had so many prospects wanting to do conference calls, you had so many people wanting to join, you wanted to learn to be a leader very quickly or you are super enthusiastic about the business? Or would your up-line be annoyed on you giving up on your business, on your dreams and never calling them because you were never doing any work?

I think the later.

Here is a video on my thoughts on this:

You see, you have to change either one of 2 things if your thinking this way. 1 – Do some work or 2 – Change your mindset.

Lets look at number 1 first. If you are prospecting, if you are learning, if you are making phone calls, if you are marketing, if you are treating your MLM business as a business and not as a hobby you will have a LOT of work for your up-line to do. You can’t build this business by yourself. You need a system and a team to do it big and fast. So if you are prospecting, you are going to need advice on what to plug these prospects into, so call your up-line and ask them what is the best converting presentation to tap them into. Ask them to do a 3 way conference call with you.

If you are marketing online and offline ring your up-line and ask them what works best to get qualified leads. They should know this answer, this will save you a lot of time and money. You may need to get your phone manner critiqued, you may need to practice presenting the opportunity, you may need to know better video marketing techniques, you may need some mindset training, you may need to know how to duplicate your efforts. Don’t wonder about any of these things, don’t google them, don’t sit on them or procrastinate, just pick up the phone to a mentor that you trust and that you get value from and get the answer right then and there. If you are working the business you will need to call your up-line a lot.

Lets look at point 2. Changing your mindset. So you are working the business but you don’t want to “annoy” your up-line or you don’t think you are worthy of calling him/her yet. Change this thinking.

When I started in my current company, the first thing I did was ring the number 1 income earner and asked him if I could stay at his house in LA for a week and learn the ropes from such an experienced Networker. His answer was “Who is this?” I was a nobody, I was brand new, I had limited credibility, but I knew the fire that was burning in my belly and I knew that I was going to be his next Diamond distributor. So I told him this. He eventually agreed to have me over to his house and I drilled him on questions, interviewed him and hung with him for a whole week learning the lingo and what was required to be a 7 figure earner. Less than 3 years later I was.

So I could have thought that I shouldn’t bother such a top legend, I could have easily thought that I was not worthy yet, but taking this attitude and this action early on lead me to become successful much faster. Don’t wait to “BE” before you take action. First you must see yourself as that person already, take action and then you will “BE.”

So if you come from an employee mentality of not wanting to knock on your bosses door 5 time per day, you don’t want to call your boss on a Sunday and everyone is trying to fight for the same promotion which are all valid and normal in the employee world, but in Networking you need to think differently. Your up-line wants to hear from you 5 times per day because it will mean you are both making money, you are both helping each other and others around you, your up-line wants to pull you up with him/her not to push you down or compete with you.

There will be so many people in your up-lines organisation doing nothing, being silent, procrastinating, having a pity party that your positive attitude and eagerness will be refreshing for them. Even on a Sunday.

So get busy, get a good attitude and build your business with the help from a mentor (an up-line) that provides you value, that knows what they are talking about and that is where you want to be. This will help you live life on your terms far quicker than you being invisible and silent. You are worthy from day 1 if you have fire in your belly.

The Network marketing industry can provide this for you like no other business model in my experiences. Make the most of it and annoy the shit out of your up-line. They will love you for it 🙂

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