What Separates The Real Deal Networkers From The Pretenders?

  • September 13, 2013

I talk to Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers every single day. I love being able to work with who I want and hang out with like minded people every day. These days it is very easy to tell who is the real deal and who is a pretender. I obviously put my time into those that are the real deal. The results always speak for themselves.

You can do a quick check here to see if you are the real deal or a pretender and how to pick one. This can apply to anyone in business of any kind.

If you are serious about creating full time and rock star income in the Network Marketing industry then you will want to make sure you behave with the real deal habits when it comes to building your business.

  • Get back to people: If I get a phone call from another networker, Entrepreneur or team member I will always get back to them as soon as I can. The amount of people I see returning calls after days or even weeks and even more commonly – never, still amazes me. If you have a prospect calling you then you have 24 hours (maybe 48 hours maximum) before that person goes cold. If you have another networker call you, call them back because you never know where that information or that relationship may go 12 months down the track and they will see you as somebody of value, professionalism and integrity. It doesn’t mean you have to join their business. If a prospect does not return your call don’t fret to much, it just means they are one of the pretenders, if only they knew the favour you were about to do for them to help change their life. If they only knew that you actually “don’t care” if they join or not as you have so much business going on it’s not funny. You just want the return call to say no thanks it’s not for me right now. That’s just being professional and courteous and you know that person is worth staying in touch with. This is way too common in business everywhere. But as I said you can work out a real deal business person from a pretender pretty quickly with this one.


  • Being open and taking the time to listen if you are prospected: I see this happen a lot in the first 20 seconds of a phone call “Sorry mate not interested” – Hang up! Now maybe you need some work on your phone manner or pitch but the Real Deal person will always give you a chance to talk and will listen. The pretenders will shut you down quickly and rudely. The amount of people that I have enrolled from them calling me is remarkable. Why? Because I took the time to hear them out, I built rapport, I was open to listening to their opportunity ( I love learning about other companies, leaders, styles, products etc. Knowledge is power). Because they are calling you, quite often they are good networkers, leaders and go getters – just the people you want in your business, so why would you hang up on them or be rude to them. That’s what the pretenders do. You are the real deal so always hear them out, take the call, build a relationship and stay in touch, you never know when they may be ready to change to your opportunity. Think about that next time the “annoying” salesman calls you as well. They may just be your next superstar team member.
  • Listen: Who else’s pet hate is those people that cut you off half way through your sentence? Man I hate that one. This is a sure fire sign of a pretender. A great leader, business person and especially a networker will always listen more than they talk. This will give you the insight, the hot spots that you are looking for in order to build rapport and close that person into your business. Remember you have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion.
  • Value relationships: Ever heard of the saying “People will buy from people that they know, like and trust?” Well it is true. Find that common ground, build rapport, find their hot spots and you will enrol a lot of people and make a lot of sales. This may not happen on the first phone call, in-fact it rarely does. It may be weeks, months or even years of networking, relationship building and staying in touch before something happens where they are now open to joining you in your business. If you don’t keep that relationship going in some sort of shape or form then you will miss that opportunity. I see all the time other networkers not taking the time to catch up, to take the call, to get back on Facebook, to ignore emails. These guys have 0 chance of ever enrolling that person. They are obviously pretenders. The real deal professional networkers always value relationships with other Entrepreneurs as well as with their team. I have enrolled many great Entrepreneurs from 12 month discussions and even years of professional friendship. Our team performs well and stays with is because of the opportunity, products, money but also largely due to the fun and relationships that we have developed in our culture. Recently I had a pretender networker “De-friend” me on Facebook because I rang him about my opportunity. I was actually relieved to see that he was just a pretender and not a real deal relationship builder that knew the value of staying in touch. Nothing lost there.


  • Arguing, chest puffing and Cliches: Pretenders will get into an argument with another networker about who has the best opportunity, they will puff out their chest and talk non stop (without listening) about how good their business opportunity is compared to the other persons. Pretenders will say cliches like “We will be the next Billion dollar company”  “We have the best pay plan in the industry” and things like that – you know the stuff that makes you roll your eyes. They bad mouth companies and other leaders. The real deal Entrepreneurs listen, tell their story and why they chose their particular company and praise the other person and their company. They don’t use cliches but instead find out about what the person wants, what are their dreams, what is their “why” what are their hot buttons, you will then show them how they can get exactly that faster and long term with your opportunity. If they are passionate, happy and getting results with their company then the real deal Entrepreneurs wish them all the best because we want Network Marketing to be the winner at the end of the day.
  • Follow up: I have enrolled more people from following up “yes” “No’s” and “maybe’s” than any other means. Have you heard the saying “The money is in the follow up? Well it is very true. Sometimes it is all about timing with people. The real deal Entrepreneurs always do their follow up calls. The pretenders never call back a maybe or a big time Entrepreneur leaving a lot of money on the table. I know when I get phoned with opportunities I want to test the caller to see if they are the “Real Deal” or not. I want to see if they are a leader, persistent and knowledgeable. Quite often I would have possibly bought their product or gone to their event etc if they just called back a second time to follow up.
  • Phone calls: Pretenders never make calls, they text, sit on Facebook and email. Real Deal networkers call their up-line all the time, they call their downline leaders all of the time they call new prospects all of the time.
  • FB spamSocial media behaviour: Pretenders post about their opportunity all of the time, they leave comments about their website and opportunity on other people’s wall and posts, they talk about the products all of the time. They are predictable, boring and bordering on spam. Real Deal networkers initiate attraction marketing providing value to the network, maintaining curiosity, showing lifestyle, fun, leadership, knowledge and like-ability.
  •  Attend functions: Pretenders never attend live events or only attend every now and again. Real Deal networkers are    always at live events. Live events are the corner stone of a successful networker.
  • The formula: Pretenders do not follow the “Formula” they try and take the easy way out and join a non DSA company get rich quick scheme with no product, no DSA accreditation, no vision for the future, no integrity with company owners and of course inevitably no longevity. Remember Zeek? There is your perfect example of a company that was never going to be long term, it was very obvious. Yet many desperate pretenders joined because they saw an easy way to make quick money without integrity or doing the work. They inevitably lost a lot of money and credibility with their network. Real Deal networkers build for longevity and true residual income with integrity and a DSA approved company. Do the real deal still want to make their money quickly? Of course we do and lots of it, but lets make sure it has legs. If you want to follow the “Formula” for making lots of quick, residual income and keeping it for the long term you can see the formula here on my previous post.
  • Phone manner: We already spoke about picking up the phone, follow up, returning calls, what to say etc. But you always want to make sure you are contactable as much as possible and have a professional Real Deal message bank if you are not. As soon as I get a phone company message bank, or a “Leave a 10 second message” or an unprofessional message bank such as “This is Mick leave a message” I know I have a pretender straight away. If I call the same person time and time and time again with no answer I know I have a pretender as well. Real Deal Networkers will always have a professional message bank and they will be contactable as much as possible. Now you can’t always answer the phone if you are in the shower or on another call. But you can take moves to ensure you are as contactable as possible, because your international team needs you. I wear my sweat resistant headphones to the gym so I can listen to music, but if someone rings me the call kicks in I can answer it and then the music kicks back in again, so the gym is no excuse. I also have a blue tooth hands free in my ear a lot of the time so that if I am doing multiple things at once like email, driving, packing etc then I can still do a call and get things done at the same time. Part of building a huge business fast and being the Real Deal is to be contactable as much as possible. Of course if you do miss the call and it goes through to your PROFESSIONAL message bank then make sure you call them back ASAP.


  • Coachable: Real Deal networkers are always learning and coachable. Pretenders are not coachable, they never listen, they always know it all and try to recreate the wheel. Of course this pretender always falls on their sword.
  • Organisation: Real Deal Networkers are organised, pretenders are not. Pretenders forget the meeting, are not sure when events are on, don’t have a list to call, have not got their systems in place and always ringing their up-line asking the same questions every month. Real Dealers have their diaries, phones, calendars and reminders all sorted in advance.
  • Do what you say you are going to do: Man O man O man……. this is the quickest way to lose confidence with your team and be seen as a pretender and it is also the quickest way to gain trust and be seen as the Real Deal leader with your team. If you say you are going make a call, be at a meeting, send an email etc then please just follow up with actions. Excuses as to why it didn’t happen are saved for the pretenders. The real deal guys always follow through with what they say they are going to do.

So are you going to struggle in Network Marketing or never reach your full potential or go from one company to another as a pretender with pretender habits or are you going to be the Real Deal and reach rock star income in no time at all with Real Deal habits? The more professionals we have in the industry the better the name of the industry, the better the performance of the industry and the bigger your income will be. Study the Real Deal form, apply it and let it become habit. When you meet a pretender just say “Next” and put your energy and coaching into real deal people and helping others become THE REAL DEAL. You will be living the Deck Chair Millionaire lifestyle in no time at all. It is where you want to be, trust me 🙂

See you on the beaches of the world.

Aaron Byerlee.

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