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  • November 8, 2013

People do not buy what you have, they buy why you do it.

I love that statement and it is so true.

People will join you and buy off you again and again and again if you can talk to the part of their brain that has feelings, that feels trust, that makes the decisions. They may not buy off you or join you if you are talking to the part of their brain that just understands facts, figures and benefits.

Your goal is to do business with people that believe in what you believe in. Not necessarily people that just need what you have. That is un-inspiring.

So make sure when you are talking to people you talk to them from the inside out, not the outside in. Be different, stand out from your competitors, have a Unique selling point, talk to the part of their brain that will trust what you say, that will believe in what you believe, that gets them to “feel” that this is the right move and the part of the brain that will allow them to make the decision. To do this you first must make sure you are communicating what your belief is, what is your USP, WHY are you doing this. Then you will stand out from everybody else, because nobody is doing this, certainly not your competitors. You must communicate from the inside out.

For example.

My main income is from Network Marketing. Instead of talking to people like this:

“Hey I have the best company in the world, I have the best products and the best compensation plan and we will be the next Billion Dollar company. We are the third fastest growing direct sales company in the world, we just won the rising star award and are growing by 132% this year. It is a great opportunity for you to make money. Want to join?”

That is not very inspiring and all about the company. Remember the person will buy you first before they even look at products, pay plan or the company. This talks to the person about figures and facts. It all sounds great, but it sounds exactly the same as every other networking opportunity. What is your USP?

Something like this may be better:

“Hi my name is Aaron Byerlee and I believe in living life on your terms. 2 years ago I was working 80 hours per week in traditional business getting nowhere, now I live an amazing lifestyle from home making residual income and travelling around the world. I challenge the status quo of going to university, getting a job, working for someone else with no passion or freedom in life. I believe in freedom, lifestyle and fun and I believe anybody and everybody can have that if they want. My passion is to show as many people all over the world how to achieve their dream lifestyle and live life on their terms. My vehicle for this is the new age of business, working from home and building residual income. I believe in doing this quickly and making it last long term. I would love for you to be part of it. Are you in?

Sounds a little more inspiring right? It is stating WHY I am doing it, not what I do. I haven’t even got to my company, my products or my opportunity yet.

People buy why you do it, not what you do.

Check out this amazing video from Simon Sinek. He really sums it up with a FULL description of how to do it and how it works. He also uses examples from Apple and other companies. This video is a must watch if you are in business, sales or MLM.

Enjoy and make sure you comment.

Aaron Byerlee
Deck Chair Millionaire.
Live Life On Your Terms.

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