The MLM Success Formula No-one Told You About!

  • May 30, 2013

Not where you want to be in your Network Marketing business? Well it could be your fault, but chances are it is not.

It is your fault if you are not working hard enough in your business. Only you can fix that and that is a post for another time. But it could be that your up-line is not teaching you the RIGHT way to build your business. They may have the best intentions but are setting you up for failure even if you work your butt off. Or maybe you are not getting any support at all from your up-line which makes it just as hard.


It may be because you have never being told the MLM Success Formula that most top income earners know if they have been around the traps a bit. But 99% of the industry don’t know it and never get told it. Here is the deal – Most people that get involved in Network Marketing do so because someone they know, like, respect or trust invited them to take a look at their company. The new prospect gets excited because they like the look of residual income, a part time business, future wealth and the prospect of working together with their friend, so they join up and away they go.

This is the opposite to the success formula and having BIG success this way is like buying a lottery ticket. Here is a video of me giving away the MLM success formula that nobody else will tell you. If you would rather read about it then read on.

I got started in Network Marketing the same way most people do – Joined with the first company I saw, with someone that I knew and respected. This is how I did my apprenticeship in the industry. It is good to do an apprenticeship somewhere and get a feel for Network Marketing, but a better way would be to choose a winner straight away and give yourself every chance of success. In my first real go at Network Marketing I was pretty successful, I had the largest team in my country, one of the biggest in the world and was making a six figure income. However I wanted to make a multiple 6 figure income and onwards to a 7 figure income. After 4 years I started to get frustrated with certain things. The company then started to change the compensation plan (not for the better), leaders started to leave the company in droves and that’s when I really had to question it as a business decision.

Over those 4 years I studied all the top companies, all of the top systems, all of the top income earners and as they say “Success leaves clues.” I started to look at my company that I was involved with and ticked off the things we had and the things we didn’t in order for me to have huge success. I quickly realised over this study that I was doomed from the start (if I wanted to make a 7 figure income). I had joined right at the end of momentum and at the start of company decline, the company was very limited in it’s International growth, the compensation plan was not residual and was geared towards the company not the distributor, the products price point was far to high and I could keep on going and going.

I am so glad that I never knew these things when I started because if I did I would never have had the belief and motivation to ever build it to a six figure income, which now leaders tell me was an incredible effort when everyone else’s cheques were declining and people were leaving that company. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but I would rather the knowledge and the formula and the greater success. I am glad I did that apprenticeship, I am glad I had some success, I am glad I decided to become an expert in the industry and study it right down to the last letter. I am glad that along with some other million dollar top earners I was able to discover the MLM formula for success.

So along with a great group of Entrepreneurs we decided to find a new company that strictly fit our formula and criteria. This is what most people do not do. They join the one that came recommended, they join the first one they look at and so did I originally, but now I knew that instead of joining just any company I had to take my time and look for the right company that ticked every single box in order to give not just me, but the average, every day distributor a chance at success.

We had come up with 13 criteria or 13 “Tick Boxes” that we knew had to be ticked in order for us to join that company, 13 points that we had studied where millions were made, where millions are still made and where companies had long term success as a power house MLM company.

Now, what I want to point out here is that when I talk about the ultimate formula or the ultimate company I am talking about you being able make a 7 figure income with Network marketing quickly and it lasting long term. If you want to make pocket money or if you want to do it over 10 or 20 years then you can join any company and that is always possible. For me I wasn’t interested in doing it slowly, nor was I interested in a short term windfall, I was looking to make a lot of money quickly and for it to last longterm. That is the formula that makes all the difference.

So what we are really talking about here is joining the right company at the right time, instead of jumping into any company. That is the key. What is the right company? Well – That is the formula and I want to share that with you now. I want to share with you the 13 points that you should look at and assess if you have them all or not. If you are missing even one, it could be the very reason you are not making what you would like in Network Marketing.

On our journey to find a company with all 13 boxes ticked we found many with 8, 9, 10 and even 11 of those boxes ticked. But we made a pact that we would not settle and that close enough was not good enough. We even got offered 6 and 7 figure contracts to launch companies into our country which I must say were very tempting, but at the end of the day they did not match our 13 point formula and so we knew we couldn’t do it. So this process took us 12 months and many trips back and forth to the USA. We found many great companies, we found many great products, but nothing had the X factor and nothing had all 13 criteria. We were beginning to think that maybe we were being to harsh and that maybe it didn’t exist anymore. But then we found it – Out of nowhere and it ticked all 13 boxes. The more we looked the better and better it got.

The rest is history. So far the income has exceeded my previous best by 3 times and in a third of the time. Why? The formula works.

Ok here it is (I actually found the original sheet of paper that I wrote it on 2.5 years ago which inspired this post. But I will write it out for you a little neater so that you can read it clearly)




















So here they are:

  1. Great balanced compensation plan that allows money up front, medium term and long term residual. No hoops to jump through. Great pay out (Min 65%) but also a great psychological plan where people stay involved and get excited by the activity.
  2. X Factor product that is recession proof (proven sales go up in recessions and depressions). Global appeal that people WANT not just NEED.
  3. Privately held company with single ownership.
  4. Debt free including no investors.
  5. Ownership (who). Long term vision, past success, approachable, genuine, hungry.
  6. Systems and marketing. Online opportunity presentations with capture page and follow ups. Social media systems, online video explaining science and product, webinars, live events as well as offline tools.
  7. Must be Global. No less than 50 countries open for business.
  8. Leadership. Who will be my enroller and their up-line and their up-line etc. Who are the top income earners already, what is their reputation, how much are they making in the short period of time, what is their vision, are they willing to travel to support events, are they going to create spill over, are they going to invest into their team, can I work with them and make it fun?
  9. Price point Auto-ship. $150 – $300 auto-ship products are common. In this economy that will be challenging and when you want something to work in Asia, Africa, South America etc it will almost be possible. We want under $100 per month.
  10. Ground floor. We want to be involved with a company under 5 years old, we want to join in ground floor positions with leaders. Anyone that joins into a well performing company inside of 10 years in that country is still very ground floor. But the earlier the better.
  11. Longevity. Are the first few years been set up deliberately for longevity? Are the owners looking long term? Is it a sound financial model? Is the compensation plan balanced? Are they over capitalising on International markets before they perform? Are we attracting big networking leaders into the company? Do they have the right management? etc.
  12. DSA approved company. What number are they listed on the DSA top list? What is company growth and momentum?
  13. Support from the company to grow our local market. TGA approved products, budget for marketing and events, top leaders and owners traveling here for events, media releases, local shipping, local currency etc.

Print this out guys, share it with your leadership group and make sure you give yourself every chance of success along with your burning desire and hard work and you will never look back.

If you want to know which company I found that ticked every single box and allowed me to earn a multiple 6 figure income inside of two years and on track to do 7 figures before the end of the 3rd year with the same work ethic that I did with my first company where I only made a 6 figure income please contact me. The 13 point check list does make a huge difference to results in a short period of time. I still take products from my old company but I made a BUSINESS decision based on knowledge and the fact that success leaves clues. Once you have the formula nothing can stop you.

See you on the beaches of the world.

Isn’t it time you lived life on your terms?

Aaron Byerlee.

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