The Big Decision

  • August 21, 2009

I was driving along today in my automatic learning centre (my car), listening to a fantastic audio and the topic of conversation was about making the BIG DECISION.

It is the decision to make change and that may be to change your financial situation, change your personal relationship situation or change your health.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Being in the fitness industry as a professional this is the single most significant thing you come across and it separates the great life changing results from the people that want it but are not prepared to make the sacrifice. I hear it every day, “It would be great to look and feel great, but I don’t have enough time.”

Well guess what? We all have 24 hours in the day, we all have commitments, and before you sit there and think I don’t have enough time though, I am going to tell you the busiest and most successful people in the world still find time. It all comes down to priorities.

Think about it for a minute. How many people do you know in the lead up to their wedding go on crazy health regimes to look the best they possibly can for their wedding? They found time then. It is all about your priorities.

Now, I just referred to this from a fitness point of view, but this applies to any area of life. If you are not happy with your financial position then not only make the decision to change it, but put something into ACTION that will change it forever. Set yourself a goal and a time to do it in. This all leads back to making the BIG DECISION.

A great tool I always use when coaching clients is YOUR PERFECT DAY…

If you have not done this exercise before, set aside an hour, turn off the TV and all surrounding distractions and start dreaming. If money did not matter what would you do? Whom would it be with? Where would you live? In addition, write down your dream lifestyle in specific detail.

Now it’s time to make the BIG DECISION, keep on doing what you are doing and keep on getting what you are getting or make some changes.

The power of your DREAM will take you where anywhere as long as you ACTION it and never give up.

Best wishes


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