Just Finished My US Trip Itinery

  • August 18, 2009

Three weeks to go to US 09……

In the coming weeks I am going on a work holiday for 3 weeks. First stop is Phoenix for a 5-day conference for my business. The conference is going to be exciting with our company launching a brand new product which we believe is going to be the biggest breakthrough in wellness history (stay tuned for news on that one). There will also be an insight to more of the company‚Äôs International expansion into Asia and europe. Exciting times ahead that’s for sure.

Following the conference I am meeting my girlfriend in Las Vegas for 4 nights. We are staying at both the Bellagio and Treasure Island because we couldn’t decide which place to stay.

Following Las Vegas, we are off to San Francisco for 4 nights and finally 3 nights in LA.

Stay tuned for the photos……


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