I don’t want to talk to my family and friends about my business!

  • November 24, 2017

Ok….. well, good luck with that!

In Network Marketing if someone says, “I’m ready to join, I just don’t want to go to family and friends about the business” I reply with “This is not for you” or “We can proceed but you either need to be in the top 1% of marketers on the planet or you need to do some serious personal and professional development”

At the end of the day this statement is simply a belief problem. Let me give you 3 examples:

Let’s say that you found the cure to cancer on a Sunday walk through the Amazon one weekend. You decided to take this amazing “berry” (which 100% cured and prevented cancer if you took it each week) to the world through a Network Marketing business model. Would you want to share this product with your friends and family? Of course you would. You would be a hero, you could save their life. Why would you just share this product with strangers while leaving your friends and family to possible get Cancer? That makes no sense. You need to believe in your Network Marketing company, your products, your opportunity, the whole industry and yourself in the same way you would believe in this magical Berry. Make sense? If you don’t, then go and find something else to do or find a way to elevate your belief by attending live events, webinars, getting a great mentor and getting some runs on the board.

Example 2 – When you watch a great movie or eat at a great restaurant do you keep it to yourself? Do you go and tell all the strangers that you meet on Facebook or walking down the street? Or do you tell all your closest friends and family about your great experience that you truly BELIEVE will be a great experience for them as well and that they will thank you for the recommendation? You know the answer. It’s a belief thing.

Another example for you – Let’s say you started a “Traditional” business – A Gym, a bakery, a Real estate agency for example. Would you keep it a secret? Or would you have a big launch to kick it off? Well, unless you want to make no money in your new business you would definitely have a launch to kick it off. Who would you invite to that launch? I’m tipping you would be on the phone inviting all your family and your friends telling them this will be the best Gym they have ever worked out at, get along to the launch, join up and tell all your friends. You would be telling them that you have the best hot cross buns anyone has ever tasted at your new bakery – Tell everyone to come in and try them out. With your new real estate agency you would be telling them that if anyone is looking to buy or sell a house you are the person to come to right?

Deckchair Millionaire

You are not going to start a business and be like an under-cover agent telling nobody what you do and just hoping people walk through your door from newspaper ads, foot traffic and social media. Again, if you do feel like that I suggest you find something else to do that you are excited, passionate and proud of. So proud in-fact that you cannot keep it to yourself.

Hopefully those examples make sense for you and set off a light bulb if you have found yourself saying that in Network Marketing.

If you have been in a few different businesses or opportunities and feel that you just can’t go back to the same people again, then my suggestion to you is to man up and stop being such a sook. You are an Entrepreneur now, Entrepreneurs rarely (Very rarely) make their first million from their very first enterprise or even the second effort for that matter. As an Entrepreneur you need to (VERY QUICKLY) stop caring about what other people are going to say or think about you. You are on a mission, you have a vision, you have had a dream for a long time and you want it so badly for yourself and for your family, DO NOT let anybody’s small thoughts stop you from achieving that.

Go straight to that same group of people and tell them exactly how much fun your research, your trial and error has been and why this one has you so excited and why they need to look at it. Say this with posture, knowledge and confidence. It is their loss if they do not get on board because you know where you are going with it. When you make it big then it really doesn’t matter what they said or thought and you never need to say anything because when you pick them up from the airport next in your Ferrari, that says it all. Lucky you pushed on with your business and didn’t give up because of what people thought. Lucky you shared it with everyone because 2 of your buddies went crazy with the business and you all made millions. Even your sister did great with the business and thanks you every day for sharing it and changing her life.

Over the last 6 years building a Billion Dollar company, having distributors and customers over 100,000 people in 103 countries around the world and becoming a Global top 100 earner, I have built it the “New age” way. I teach the new age of Network Marketing. BUT I also am a fan and I also teach “warm market” to start with – YES share it with your friends and family if you are serious about building this business FAST.

Here is my fine print on family and friends however……… Only share it with the people that you know are the open-minded type, go-getting type, in business, Entrepreneurs etc. Don’t just go to family and friends because they are family and friends. I have many, many friends and family that I love, that I respect and who I hang out with regularly that I have never spoken to about my business. Why? Because I am not here to convince anyone, I am not here to pitch anyone, I am not here to hard sell anyone and I want to enjoy my business, I want to maintain friendships and have an amazing brand and credibility all the way through my career. This business is not for everyone, just as being a Doctor is not for everyone and thats ok.

When I first got started in MLM back in 1998 as a young person my up-line told me to write my list out and contact everyone no matter what. (This is one technique that can work – Nothing beats going through the numbers and we should perhaps never pre-judge) BUT that only works for about 3% of the population that don’t mind being rejected A LOT, that love to sell, push and pitch. I hated it………. so I quit.

The feeling of calling people I knew would not be interested made me feel squirmish, the feeling of calling back the same people every week when they had already told me NO made me feel sick. This is not a great use of time, this is old school and this is not what I would recommend. Share your products and opportunity with people that want to know about it, it’s much more fun.


So, in summary unless you want to build very slow with strangers that don’t know you, don’t trust you and don’t want to know about your business. Unless you are the top 1% wizard marketer, I suggest you make a list, highlight the go-getters that you know and go speak to them.

If I was to do a case study on my global business right now it shows me that my top leaders that are with me today originally came from my warm market 6 years ago. Either through a direct call and meeting, through a referral or through someone I knew that led me to a super star. The second-best way that I found my top leaders that are with me today was total strangers that I met through social media. So, you definitely want to embrace the new age of Network Marketing otherwise you are leaving so much money on the table. But you also want to start with the RIGHT warm market people in the beginning to launch fast, otherwise you are also leaving to much money on the table.

Get your belief in order, get your dreams and vision clear and don’t let anybody stop you from living life on your terms. Go share your opportunity with your key people right now. They may say no, but if you do it right you will still have your credibility, you will still have 2 legs and two arms and you never know……. they may just say yes!!

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Aaron Byerlee.