How To Get More Out Of This Year Than The Last 4 Years Combined!

  • January 10, 2014

Hi Deck Chair Millionaire’s

Wow, what an amazing start to the year. Business is off to a flying start, I have lost 10kg in 2 weeks and I have already booked events, flights and accommodation every month right up until July. I am travelling to every single state of Australia numerous times, as well as Las Vegas, LA, Macau, Alaska, Hawaii, Noosa, Fiji, Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore just to name a few. Man………2014 is going to be a huge year. I love spreading the word about Living Life On Your Terms – Not somebody else’s. I am passionate about that.

I am getting phone calls every hour from people pumped about this year and what they have already achieved and it is only the 10th of January. Now, whilst I have not seen this sort of activity and excitement so early in the year before it is common for people to make new year resolutions, get excited, say “This is my year” etc only to fall back into the “sucubus” of life. Then all of a sudden it is the end of 2014 and nothing has happened for them again except for another groundhog year.

Well I know that won’t happen to at least 200 people that jumped on my Webinar on Monday night. We spoke about how to make sure you do not fall into that trap by having a big WHY, by having a daily focus, by doing your goals the RIGHT way, by knowing the 10 steps to success. I also shared my private steps that I am taking in order to take my business to the next level. I will do more business this year than I have in the least 4 years combined and I know there are people that were on this webinar that will also achieve that if they stick to this system which plays a big part of the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly success.

It was an awesome webinar which was very well received. Here is what a few people are saying about it on Facebook:


“Great session thank you Aaron love how you make everything sound so simple!” – Angela.





“Fantastic webinar. Brilliant advice. 2014 is going to rock !!! Thank you” – Bud.





 Loved the webinar! Encore! : )” – Reitumetse    



Tony and Ria


Great webinar-very impresive having 200 on.” – Tony and Ria.





 “Great session, thank you Aaron. Very keen to listen again, so if you can please add me to your mail out list for the recording I’d really appreciate it.  Thank you again. – Siobhan


Just to pick a few.

So for those that did not see it or would like to watch again here it is. Please leave your comments and feedback below in the Facebook comments section as I always love to see your thoughts on every Blog post I do.

Apply these strategies straight away to your year, stick to it and I guarantee you will have your best year yet and will be well on your way to becoming a Deck Chair Millionaire.


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