Friends, Family and Great Times

  • October 24, 2010

Dear Adventures Team,

Today I spent a number of hours putting together a NEW and refreshing photo board, which captures everyone that is close to me, plus highlights all the fun adventures over the past 5 years.

It was a fun, and empowering experience that certainly drives me for more success.

The new board is sitting in my study and has a number of powerful words that inspire me to continue on my journey of success. To round out the board I have 6 core values that represent my beliefs and me as a person.

This exercise is very refreshing and very good timing as it represents a new chapter in my life moving forward. It keeps you strong, and on your journey of success without deviation.

I encourage all people who have a burning desire for more in life to challenge yourself to think big and strive for your dreams. A vision board, a photo board is something that will inspire you to achieve what ever it is you desire.

Stay tuned for more adventures


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