Friday Fone Frenzy

  • February 25, 2014

Wolf.m4vThis really is the number 1 secret to being successful in network marketing quickly. Rising to the top of your compensation plan, making rock star income and living life on your terms can happen in a matter of months if you apply this. Now, maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this sort of thing with you because it really is our secret weapon in our team and in our business, but you know what? I just can’t help sharing. I want to see as many people living life on their terms on this planet as possible, so I just had to share with Deck Chair Millionaire readers when I saw the success we were having. So go ahead and use it and take your business to the next level (maybe just give me some credit for it when you apply it or send me a nice message:)

So……you have heard me go on and on about the phone, about building relationships and about network marketing being a people business. But you haven’t seen it like this.

Now of course that doesn’t mean in 2014 you ignore the internet. It doesn’t mean you ignore social media, online lead generation, online webinars etc. But all of that is the cream on top. All of that should be done late at night or on Sunday’s. Slowly chipping away at your online brand, online leads, online credibility and system. It can be really powerful, but remember it is rarely duplicatable, it is confusing to most of your team and it takes a lot of time.

Hitting the phone is where you will build your business fast. But the problem with that advice is that 97% of your team are scared of picking up the phone with any real vigour, consistency or to call “big players” and so they will do what is easy and what is in their comfort zone most of the time – They will email, Facebook and “research” people to email and Facebook…… They feel like they are building the business and maybe they will snag and enrolment here and there, but then again they may win the lotto as well.

So how can we overcome this? Do we just teach them to be courageous? Do we just say “If your why is big enough you will do it” Do we just teach them scripts? Do we do it for them?

I have come up with a better idea and it is a lot of fun, it will make you and your team feel bullet proof, but most beneficial of all it will be the most productive thing you will ever do in your business. Do this once a week MINIMUM in your business for 12 months and watch what happens to your momentum, enrolments and monthly cheques……… BOOM. I guarantee it.

Before I share the details of what to do and how to do it specifically (I’m even going to print my score sheet below for you to copy) – Can’t believe how much of my intellectual property I am sharing here, but I JUST HAVE TOO!! Just make sure your Friday Fone Frenzy does not end up like this:

Quickly before the video………You may have seen “The Wolf of Wall Street” it has some great connotations for Network Marketing. I especially like the scene where instead of just telling his new team how to do it, instead of just giving them scripts and saying “Go for it” he actually SHOWED them how to do it and then spent hours and hours with them perfecting their phone manner. Then they just hit the phones over and over and over again.

Now, while they were trying to stitch up people with a bad products and didn’t care about the outcome except for their commission payment, we are doing the opposite. We are looking for great people to help and partner with and show a great product. We do care about the outcome. So their is a big difference. I don’t want you to think I am saying ring your prospects like this below (Yikes) you won’t be very successful in MLM. Nore do you want to have an office environment like these guys, but take the message from it – Get your team together – make it fun – show them how to do it – provide the scripts – walk them through their calls – perfect their phone manner – do it over and over again.

Anyway here is a funny few clips from The Wolf of Wall Street that you can see the relationship and also what we want to avoid. Classic!!

Oopppps I think I missed a few “F” bombs from the editing. Oh well, you guys are all adults right……

My technique below is much better and much more beneficial for your long term success and credibility, not to mention staying out of Jail!


When we all catch up and do calls we make it a lot of fun. We also make people accountable and there is some friendly competition as well. Here is the score sheet we use – this is an important part of the process. Feel free to alter it to suit your team.

Each call – 1pt
Leave a message – 2pts
A big fat “get lost” hang up – 3pts
Add them on Facebook and stay in touch – 3pts
Prospect wants more information – 5pts
Booked a meting with them – 10pts
Signed someone up – 50pts

Apply it and dominate.

See you on the beaches of the world.

PS – Don’t forget to comment below!!!!!

Aaron Byerlee
Deck Chair Millionaire
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