Another Step Closer. My Daily Action!

  • November 22, 2009

Here is what I did today in order to get another step closer to our goal of living our Ultimate Lifestyle. I hope you enjoy watching our journey unfold, learn from it, become inspired by it, offer advice and even get involved in it.

If you have the desire for a better life, if you have bigger dreams than what is happening right now, if you want to live your Ultimate Lifestyle then you need to ask yourself each and every day “Is what I am doing today productive?”

Remember there is a HUGE difference between being “busy” and being “productive.” Being productive is doing the specific things that grow your business, that put money in your pocket, that helps others and that creates momentum.

This was my day today. Reasonably productive in where I want to go today.

See you at the top.

Aaron Byerlee.

PS – Here is the link to Mike Dillard’s Video. Great information.

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